Individual coaching



Companies spend millions of dollars each year on employee development seminars, team building retreats, and change management initiatives. And yet, it’s been reported that almost 70% of these change efforts fail. We may not be able to identify, quantify, or describe it, but we sense that deeper issues are at play – a hidden landscape exists, or perhaps an untold story that is profoundly undermining the results we seek. What we sense but cannot see is the landscape of adult development; the unfolding story is of our journey as individuals through ruggedly beautiful but often treacherous terrain.

How does our ability to successfully navigate our personal lives influence the success of the organizations we serve? Can we make sound choices when options are limitless, but guarantees are almost non-existent? How do we integrate the changes we choose to make with the changes that are imposed upon us? Can we really “manage” change – a relentless, powerful, and unpredictable force? Helping clients address these questions is what my work is about. Here is what I have to offer.

Individual coaching
I offer one-on-one coaching for managers, leaders, and executives within organizations, entrepreneurs and small business owners, “creatives” such as artists and writers, individuals from all walks of life going through personal and professional transitions, and coaches in training or who want to deepen and develop their own practices. Learn more >>>

Team coaching
The same principles used in individual coaching transfer nicely to groups and teams. Ideally, successful teams are transparent, authentic, challenging, and supportive. The goal of team coaching and renewal is to co-create and practice new ways for teams to engage and work together. Team coaching is not just for dysfunctional or failing work groups. High functioning teams benefit from the coaching process by becoming even more cohesive and successful. Learn more >>>

Creating a coaching culture
Creating a coaching culture results in a high trust community where employees consistently interact with positive regard for one another and use the skills and language of coaching to overcome obstacles, clarify and achieve important goals more quickly, and effectively resolve conflict. Learn more >>>

The Birkman Method®
As part of the coaching experience, I administer the Birkman Method® assessment instrument to increase personal effectiveness and improve team dynamics. This powerful and comprehensive tool has been used for more than 50 years to assess human potential, enhance performance, and transform corporate culture. Learn more >>>

Training and speaking
I offer keynote presentations, workshops, and training for corporations, teams, associations, annual meeting events, and similar group gatherings. Learn more >>>