Individual coaching



Learning circles
Identifying and preparing high-potential employees for the challenges of leading in a dynamic, intellectually demanding, first-rate organization accelerates the realization of important goals.

Three Phases of the
Learning Circle Program


  • Strengths
  • Blind spots
  • Impact on others
  • Interests
  • Needs
  • Stress behaviors
  • Emotional intelligence


  • Stretch into new skills
  • Flex your leadership style
  • Shift your perspective
  • Tap your creativity
  • Elevate your game
  • Deepen your authenticity
  • Expand your influence


  • Practice
  • Tweak
  • Feedback
  • Practice
  • Improve
  • Master
  • Mentor

Investing in the development of emerging leaders positively impacts their individual competence, address areas of concern, and build confidence and capacity. As a result, the teams they lead become more effective and individuals on those teams are better equipped to meet the needs of both internal and external customers.

A circle approach to leadership development combines the power of group learning, support, and accountability with highly individualized one-on-one coaching. Insight into one’s interests, strengths, underlying needs and stress behaviors is provided through a finely-tuned assessment instrument (the Birkman). Feedback from managers, direct reports, internal customers, and peers is collected to give each participant a clear sense of the impact they have on others. Self-directed study, group coaching, and presentations to the circle round out a robust learning agenda. Six to eighteen month circles are customized to meet your employee development needs.

Learning circle benefits
Through the power of group learning, support, and accountability, participants exit learning circles more emotionally intelligent, more competent as leaders, and better able to coach themselves and others toward greater levels of performance and job satisfaction.

For more information about team coaching and renewal or a learning circle experience in your organization, contact me about scheduling and pricing.

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