Megan Fisher
Director of Accounting
Langham Logistics Inc

Megan Fisher was given the opportunity to experience coaching through her employer, Langham Logistics Inc in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is Director of Accounting at the firm, where she has worked for six years. The company was developing a mentoring and coaching program with the goal of exposing all of the owners and directors to coaching. Roth Consulting Group had been retained to support the initiative, and selected Lynn for the executive coaching team. “At the time, I was having staffing issues,” says Megan. “Lynn Schoener was assigned to me. I was tentative at first, but I’m so pleased with how it worked out.”

Over a period of nine months, Megan and Lynn initially spoke by phone every other week, and then tapered off the frequency of the sessions to every 3-4 weeks. They focused on how Megan could more effectively engage in challenging conversations with members of her team. “I felt like I was assertive before, but now it has a different tone,” says Megan. “I allow people to have more input and they feel more a part of the issues and put forth more effort.”

During the time she was being coached, Megan replaced four of her six staff members. While this was difficult, she says it was for the best. “I’ve become more comfortable having difficult conversations,” says Megan. “I also learned to speak up for myself more effectively and express my opinions.”

In addition to addressing the staffing issues, Megan and Lynn talked about work-life balance. As a single mother of two teenage boys, Megan had to resist her tendency to spend too much time at work. “Before it was ‘provide, provide’ without allowing enough time at home. I began to appreciate the value of setting aside more time for the boys,” says Megan. She learned to delegate more effectively at work and no longer goes into the office on weekends.

In the process of being coached, Megan picked up coaching skills that she now uses with her staff. She also plans out potentially challenging conversations in advance rather than “winging it” and has found that taking a “coach approach” is extremely useful during the annual employee review process. “I came away from coaching with a better understand of how to interact with individuals who have different styles,” says Megan.

“Lynn is an absolute joy to work with,” says Megan. “She’s a wonderful listener, very open, and shares everything she can think of. The process has definitely helped the team here develop.”

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