Janet Heller Hape
Manager of Legal Support

As manager of legal support for an international law firm with offices across the US, Europe and the Middle East, Janet Heller Hape supervises more than 100 paralegals, secretaries and other support staff in the firm’s Atlanta office. Lynn Schoener was initially brought in for a teambuilding retreat, and over a period of several years she facilitated the Planning for Change workshops and keynotes until everyone in Legal Support had experienced the process.

Janet was impressed with how personalized Lynn’s workshops were. “It never felt like a canned presentation. From the first hour, she made it feel like it was just for us,” says Janet. “Lynn has a focus and goal for her presentations, but she adjusts for the group. She’s very intuitive and can change course while listening during a workshop.” Janet also noticed Lynn’s powerful use of silence at the right moments as an important component of her overall communication and delivery style. “She can put a question out there and then leave it,” says Janet. “People are thinking and Lynn can hold that silence, but she makes it very comfortable. She’s just a master.”

Feedback from workshop participants was excellent, and continues to this day. “People still ask, ‘When is Lynn coming back?’,” says Janet, who feels that her team took away tangible, practical ideas from the sessions they could put to use immediately and that would have a long-term impact. “It planted a seed that grew in people, something that they could build from,” says Janet. “She was really well received and it’s had a lasting effect.”

While the two worked together with the legal support teams, Janet also enjoyed the opportunity to engage in occasional impromptu coaching sessions with Lynn. “She asks very insightful questions to get to the root of things – on any topic,” says Janet.

Janet describes Lynn as “ultimately professional” and appreciated, perhaps more than anything, the fact that the materials, tools, and concepts that were shared with the team had lasting value. “I would highly recommend Lynn,” says Janet. “Sometimes you go to a training or workshop and walk out and that’s it. Lynn’s work stays with you.”

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