Faith McLellan, PhD
Scientist, Guidelines Review Committee
World Health Organization

Faith McLellan had been an editor at a prestigious medical journal for eight years. With a PhD in Medical Humanities (concentration in literature in medicine) she was well suited for the work and enjoyed it, but was ready for a change. A friend referred Faith to Lynn Schoener for coaching. The goal was to strategically determine what would be next for Faith in terms of her career. “Lynn was a perfect fit for me,” says Faith. “She ‘got it’ right off the bat, had insightful ideas, as was able to articulate things for me that I couldn’t articulate for myself.”

Over the course of eighteen months, Faith and Lynn spoke regularly by phone. “It was an easy, comfortable relationship from the beginning,” recalls Faith. The two talked about a variety of options for Faith. Lynn suggested writing exercises designed to help Faith gain clarity and encouraged her to talk to peers who could help her see her next move.

“Lynn presented me with things that were true about myself that I couldn’t see or didn’t believe. She highlighted skill areas that I didn’t recognize and pointed out things that I’d never have thought about . . . how important was it to make money or should I create a company of my own . . . . these were not things I’d considered in my head,” says Faith. “Having someone look at what you’ve done and point out themes that keep coming up in your conversation is something you can’t do for yourself.”

Faith ultimately came to the conclusion that if she changed jobs she wanted one that offered more creative control. An opportunity at the World Health Organization presented itself. “I remember talking with Lynn about the serendipity, about how this could have happened. I get to work in global health and live in the center of Europe now,” says Faith. Her new job involves reviewing guidelines and clinical policies issued by WHO to ensure that they are as evidenced-based as possible. One of the many benefits of coaching is that it helps clients become clear on what they want (and don’t want) and that’s when things often begin to fall into place.

“Coaching was an incredibly supportive, challenging, creative endeavor and the best thing I ever did,” says Faith. “Lynn is fantastic and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She’s worked with a number of my friends. It’s the best money you’ll ever spend.”


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